A streamlined solution for DNA sequence analysis

At Hyrax Biosciences, we believe in taking the complexity out of sequence data analysis. Our automated, cloud-based NGS analysis platform combines scalable tech and unique algorithms to deliver accurate, actionable results in a few simple steps.

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Leading Genomics Software Platform

Exatype, Hyrax Biosciences’ DNA sequence analysis platform, is more than just a consolidated, streamlined platform that produces consistently accurate reporting.

Our platform is a powerful DNA sequence analysis software solution that is:

Easy to use

Drag and drop your sequence data to start analysis, and receive your report in any desired format.


Powered by state-of-the art algorithms our platform helps you navigate complex data with ease, generating usable insights effortlessly.


With plug-ins for specific diseases – including HIV, TB and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) – we are able to analyse data from an ever-expanding range of pathogens.


With modules for quality control, reference mapping, mutation calling and interpretation, the Exatype pipeline can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Flexible & scalable

Exatype allows for a high-throughput of data and consistent report delivery, regardless of the number of jobs running at any given time.

100% secure

Data security is important to us and we comply with all the necessary HIPAA regulatory requirements.

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Partner with us

Whether you’re an assay or instrument manufacturer, a laboratory, pharmaceutical company, clinical trial organisation, an academic facility, or research institution, we can help you create or offer an end-to-end DNA sequencing solution.

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Unlock Complex Insights with Our Solutions

Exatype speeds up DNA sequence analysis through its bespoke algorithms and technology platform, helping you unlock insights, faster.

From its origins in HIV drug-resistance testing, Hyrax has extended the Exatype genotyping platform to accommodate any disease or test. Our pipeline is used to detect drug susceptibility in HIV, TB and cancer, as well as mutations, lineage and clade typing in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

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