We take the Complexity Out Of Sequence Data Analysis

A flag on the peak of a mountain Simplifying Complex DNA Data Analysis

Hyrax Biosciences is an award-winning genetic software company that takes the complexity out of sequence data analysis for companies around the world. Our automated platform, Exatype, a leading bioinformatics software platform, combines scalable tech and unique algorithms to deliver detailed and accurate genotype reports, without the need for human intervention or the threat of human error.

We believe that the greatest opportunity for breakthrough medical discoveries lives in the space where human science and computer science meet - and Exatype is the result of that belief. With an ever-expanding suite of disease-specific plug-ins, this single, comprehensive genomics software platform has the capacity to run any genetic test on any disease, delivering consistently accurate and clear reporting in any desired format.

We are driven by one overriding goal: To create a single software platform that can run any genetic test on any disease, and deliver a consistently accurate and clear report.

Our leadership team

Photo of Dr. Simon Travers

Dr. Simon Travers

Co-founder & CEO

Simon is an expert in computational biology and bioinformatics, specialising in molecular evolution. Backed by 15 years of experience in bioinformatics, his widely published research focuses on the development and application of highly sensitive bioinformatics approaches to various aspects of HIV, including drug resistance, molecular epidemiology and vaccines.

Photo of Dr. Imogen Wright

Dr. Imogen Wright

Co-founder & CTO

Imogen began her career as a software development engineer for Amazon EC2, before moving into startups as a software development lead for London-based big data startup, Skimlinks. While completing her PhD in Bioinformatics, she designed and implemented Hyrax’s novel, highly accurate mutation-calling algorithm.

Photo of Dr. Natasha Wood

Dr. Natasha Wood

Co-founder & CSO

Before joining Hyrax full-time, Natasha led a computational biology research group as a NRF fellow and lecturer at the University of Cape Town. Prior to her academic role, she also gained valuable work experience as a candidate patent attorney at Von Seidels IP Attorneys and as an application specialist in molecular diagnostics at Roche.

Photo of Dr. Kirsten Miller-Duys

Dr. Kirsten Miller-Duys


Kirsten is a medical doctor with broad-based experience in healthcare management and innovation. She practised in various public-sector hospitals in South Africa and the UK before spending 5 years as a life science and healthcare sector consultant at Accenture and PA Consulting in London. Most recently, she managed the mobile health portfolio at Vodacom.

Photo of Dylan Garnett

Dylan Garnett


Dylan has been a Director of Hyrax Biosciences since 2017. As the co-founder of Vertica Health – a digital health company that develops medical observation solutions – as well as business consulting company Change Dimensions, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.