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Hyrax Biosciences develops user-friendly, end-to-end SaaS solutions that analyse DNA sequences with unrivalled accuracy, reducing complex sequencing data to simple, clear reports.

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Hyrax Biosciences launch Exatype Mtb!

Dr Natasha Wood 08/05/2024

To support the analysis of Mtb data using NGS technologies, Hyrax Biosciences recently launched Exatype Mtb for targeted and whole-genome sequencing (WGS). Incorporating the latest WHO mutation catalogue, Exatype Mtb generates comprehensive drug-susceptibility reports and lineage-typing results. True to the streamlined nature of the Exatype platform, Exatype Mtb offers a secure, cloud-based, high-throughput solution for NGS-based Mtb drug-susceptibility reporting.

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Hyrax Biosciences to include HIV, TB, and respiratory virus panels in their co-marketing agreement with Roche

Dr Natasha Wood 29/04/2024

Hyrax Biosciences is extending their co-marketing agreement with Roche to include integrated sample preparation workflows for HIV, TB and respiratory virus panels. With Hyrax Biosciences' streamlined analysis and Roche's KAPA HyperCap and KAPA HyperPETE workflows for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Sample Preparation, users can expect faster turn-around times, sequencing efficiency, and panel-specific consolidated reporting.

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