The Exatype Platform

Exatype is a DNA sequence analysis platform that streamlines data processing and interpretation.

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DNA Sequence Analysis Platform

Exatype is a comprehensive cloud-based Software-as-a-Service DNA sequence analysis platform for NGS reporting and genomic surveillance that is fully scalable and easy to use.

The platform can be used off-the-shelf with one of the sequencing analysis solutions currently offered, or is fully customisable to your requirements.

Exatype Delivers Insights Seamlessly

The Exatype platform is a modular platform that can analyse and interpret sequence data from an ever-expanding range of applications including:

Genotyping and drug-resistance testing in infectious diseases e.g. HIV, TB, SARS-CoV-2.

Multi-target diagnostics, e.g. infectious disease panels.

Tumour profiling and drug-susceptibility testing in cancer.

Low abundance variant detection e.g. detecting mixed infections or the detection of biomarkers in liquid biopsies.

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Benefits of Using the Exatype Platform

Easy to use

Drag and drop your sequence data to start analysis, and receive your report in any desired format.


Powered by state-of-the art algorithms our platform helps you navigate complex data with ease, generating usable insights effortlessly.


With plug-ins for specific diseases – including HIV, TB and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) – we are able to analyse data from an ever-expanding range of pathogens.


With modules for quality control, reference mapping, mutation calling and interpretation, the Exatype pipeline can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Flexible & scalable

Exatype allows for a high-throughput of data and consistent report delivery, regardless of the number of jobs running at any given time.

100% secure

Data security is important to us and we comply with all the necessary HIPAA regulatory requirements.

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How Exatype works


Quality Control

Next-generation sequencing reads are trimmed of low-quality bases, and short or otherwise inferior reads are discarded.


Reference Mapping

Examap, a novel, codon-aware reference mapping tool, uses an assembly-free approach to map sequence reads to one or more reference sequences while considering both sequencing error and true diversity.


Mutation Calling

Mutations are called in each individual read. The Examap algorithm allows mutations to be called with >99% per-read accuracy.


Tailored Reporting

Relevant genes and mutations, at various prevalence levels, are reported and, if relevant, analysed using gold-standard drug-resistance testing algorithms.

Customer and partner testimonials

I have interacted with the Hyrax team in connection with the development of the Sanger Exatype software as part of my work supporting HIV genotyping laboratories in low- and middle-income countries. Hyrax has demonstrated strong commitment to making this potentially complex and confusing step in the genotyping process as streamlined and efficient as possible, without sacrificing a stringent quality control process or rigor in data analysis. They have consistently been responsive to suggestions about how to improve the product and are a pleasure to work with.

Neil Parkin

We have used the Exatype pipeline for over 3 years to enable our next generation sequencing testing for viral targets. Exatype is an indispensable tool for our work. In addition, I’ve been very impressed with the way the Hyrax team has always worked with us to customize Exatype to meet our requirements and to rapidly implement fixes when needed.

Ron Kagan; Quest Diagnostics

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