HIV drug-resistance genotyping:
from sample to results with Hyrax Biosciences and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Enjoy a consolidated workflow for all your HIV Sanger genotyping needs.

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Hyrax Biosciences and Thermo Fisher Scientific partner to offer an end-to-end HIV drug-resistance interpretation and surveillance solution.

By combining Thermo Fisher Scientific’s extraction, amplification and sequencing kits and CE sequencing machines, with Hyrax’s web-based analysis workflow, customers can enjoy a complete sample-to-result solution, without having to find and purchase assays or software from multiple sources.

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Exatype: HIV Sanger offers an easy-to-use, out-of-box solution for sequence editing and result generation.

HIV drug-resistance analysis and surveillance workflow

Workflow image

Platform features


Consistent reports and results through automated processes


Cloud-based analysis
Follow global security protocols

Automatic data-upload

Hands-off data processing through integration with sequencer software

Scalable throughput

API for high-throughput users
Upload as many plates/samples as required

Overview of the workflow

Representation of the analysis workflow and results, together with an example of a sample-specific report (with susceptible [S], intermediate [I], and resistant [R] calls and associated mutations).

In addition to these Summary Results, we also provide Detailed Results that indicate the five-level resistance data (susceptible [S], Potential low-level resistance [P L-L], Low-level resistance [L-L], Intermediate resistance [I], and High-level resistance [R].

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Key benefits

Hyrax Biosciences is dedicated to providing solutions that meet customer and partner needs.

Gold-standard approach for resistance interpretation

Local installation of the Stanford[1] HIVDB

Industry recognised base-calling software

RECall[2], University of British Columbia software, is used for base-calling.
No need for separate software that requires regular updates

Comprehensive quality-control reporting

Positive and negative control reports are produced for sequencing quality control
Surveillance monitoring included through genetic distance, APOBEC and atypical mutation reporting, as recommended by the WHO best practices[3]

Integration with LIMS

Push to LIMS system using .tsv/.json file output


Intuitive interface with minimum hands-on time

Peer-to-peer sharing

Multiple users under a single organisation



Further information

Example dataset

Dataset including sample files for the protease, reverse transcriptase and integrase gene regions.

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Example of a full report

A full report with sample summary, quality control summary, and sample-specific reports.

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Overview of the Exatype: HIV Sanger workflow.

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HIV-1 Genotyping Targeting Integrase - Perspectives on Surveillance of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance (25 Jan 2022)

More details

Laboratory product information

Product brochure: Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Applied Biosystems HIV-1 Genotyping Kit with Integrase

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